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Posted on Jun 26, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Peek Acuity app proven by clinical study to be just as accurate as ETDRS and Snellen chart

Results from a recent study published in JAMA Ophthalmology, have shown that the Peek (Portable Eye Examination Kit) Acuity app is just as accurate as ETDRS and Snellen chart for testing visual acuity. This makes the app one of the few mobile health applications to be proven and validated in a clinical trial.

The app was tested on 233 Kenyan adults aged 55 and above. The results were found to be just as accurate and repeatable as the Snellen chart, while being comparable in accuracy to the ETDRS chart.

In developing countries where access to specialist clinics are limited, the Peek Acuity app enables healthcare and community workers to test visual acuity using an accurate and portable system in the patient’s home or in clinic. Lead author of the study and co-founder of the Peek Acuity app, Dr Andrew Bastawrous said, “we aimed to develop and validate a smartphone-based visual acuity test which would work in challenging circumstances, such as rural Africa, but also provide reliable enough results to use in routine clinical practice in well-established healthcare systems.“

The app features a “tumbling E”, where the letter E is displayed in 1 of 4 orientations. The patient points in the direction they perceive the arm of the letter E to be pointing. The use of the “tumbling E” allows eye tests to be performed on those unable to read letters used in the English language, and ensures acuity is resolution based rather than recognition based. The application also provides alternatives to finger counting, hand movements and light perception.

Peek Acuity app is currently compatible with Android and iOS devices.


By: Dr Joanne Teong


Link to study: JAMA Ophthalmology