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Posted on Apr 19, 2013 in News | 0 comments

Volume 2, Issue 1

The Editorial Board at the Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine is proud to present Volume 2, Issue 1, published in April 2013.  Mobile technology in Medicine is a rapidly developing area, and we hope to continue accelerating research in the field. We look forward to your submissions for Issue 2.



001   The Growth of mHealth in Low Resource Settings
R. Chakrabarti, C. Perera

Original Articles

002  Healthcare professionals’ use of mobile phones and the internet in clinical practice
N. Koehler, O. Vujovic, C. McMenamin

003  Are individuals more accepting of the internet than mobile phone apps being used in clinical practice?
N. Koehler, O. Vujovic, C. McMenamin

004 mHealth Possibilities in a Changing World. Distribution of Global Cell Phone Subscriptions
A. Bastawrous, B Hennig, I Livingstone

005 mHealth in Health Information Delivery; The Indian Scenario
G. Skaria

Perspective Pieces

006  Digital devices in psychiatry
J. Tiller

In keeping with our open-access principles, all articles are published both as full text and as PDF files for download.  For your convenience, attached to this post is a  PDF file containing the complete Volume 2, Issue 1, which can be easily downloaded and saved for viewing offline.

We look forward to hearing from readers in the comments section, and encourage authors to submit research to be considered for publication in this peer-reviewed medical journal.

Yours Sincerely,

Editorial Board
Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine