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About jMTM


About the Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine (jMTM)

Medical professionals and allied health staff are practising in an age where electronic data is fast superceding our traditional paper based data.  Moving this electronic data from stationary computers to convenient handheld mobile devices represents the cutting edge of technological developments in medicine.  We are seeing the development of smartphones, tablets, telemedicine, and highly portable versions of previously large immobile equipment. Modern medicine is a science that heavily relies on evidence based decision making.  Our vision is to be the foremost resource for quality research examining the varied uses of mobile technologies in medicine, allowing for evidence based decision making.  Our mission is to promote further development in this field by documenting advances, providing a field for discussion, and stimulating further research.

Publishing Model

The jMTM is an internationally peer reviewed open-access medical journal.  Articles are published online both on the website and on in mobile format once accepted to the journal.  These are then collated into regular issues which are made available for download through a variety of formats.  There is currently no print issue, however if you would like to request this, please contact us.

Chief Editors

Dr Chandrashan M. Perera (MBBS, BMedSc)

Dr Perera is an Ophthalmology Registrar in Perth, Western Australia. As a co-founder of jMTM, Chandrashan has a keen interest in information technology and its application in medicine.  The application of technology to  improve medical practice is an area of particular interest, having been involved in the implementation of various electronic health systems.

Dr Rahul Chakrabarti (MBBS, BMedSc)

Dr Chakrabarti is an Ophthalmology Registrar, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.  As a co-founder, Rahul has a strong interest in integrating the evidence-base of mobile technology into medical practice. He is also actively involved in medical application development.

Dr William Yan

Dr. William Yan is a surgical resident and Ph.D. Candidate in Ophthalmology at The University of Melbourne, Australia. He is interested in how technology can be leveraged to reduce health gaps in developing, rural and remote regions, and is currently working with Google to improve access to vision impairment screening and specialist eye care.

Section Editors

Senior Editor – Dr Jaime Lee (MBBS, BMedSc)

Dr. Lee is currently completing a Master of Public Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland (USA). Jaime has a strong interest in promoting and integrating mHealth in developing countries.

Multimedia editor- Dr Rafsan Halim (MBBS, BMedSc)

Dr Halim is currently training in Anaesthesia at Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia. He has a background in web design, application development and is also actively involved in various clinical research projects. His interests include understanding the use of mobile technology, not only in the workplace, but also in medical education.

Lead App Editor – Dr Orrin I. Franko, MD

Dr Franko is a PGY3 Orthopaedic Surgery resident at University of California, San Diego (USA). He is the founder of and the author of multiple publications discussing the use of apps and mobile devices in healthcare. He believes that peer review is the only way to ensure the safe integration of mobile technology with patient care.

Mansucript Editor – Dr Carlos Cabalag (MBBS, BMedSc)

Dr Cabalag is currently in his surgical residency at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, in Australia.  Carlos has a strong interest in research, and is actively involved in varied research projects.  He also has an interest in the use of technology in the workplace, and keeping up to date with the latest developments

Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Editor – A/Prof Vishal Jhanji, MD

A/Prof Jhanji was trained at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India and later completed his clinical fellowships in New Delhi and Melbourne, Australia. He co-pioneered new techniques of endothelial corneal transplantation during his fellowship in Australia. He is currently heading the refractive surgery unit of the department of ophthalmology and visual sciences, Hong Kong. Dr Jhanji has several publications to his credit and has presented his research in various international meetings. He is presently involved in research encompassing the fields of corneal surgery, prevention of corneal graft rejections, management of corneal infections, dry eye syndrome, ocular imaging and, refractive surgery

News Editor – Dr Louise Teo (MBBS)

Dr Louise Teo is a doctor trained in Melbourne Australia who has an interest in advancing medicine through the use of novel innovations.  Another area of interest is finding out how doctors are starting to involve themselves in the development of medical technologies, which she chronicles at her blog, The Medical Startup.


  • Professor Aditya Ghose
  • Dr Sougato Mukerji
  • Dr Thomas Hardy
  • Dr Sud Agarwal
  • Dr George Kong
  • Dr Paul Paddle
  • Dr Ryan De Freitas
  • Dr Judith Proudfoot
  • Dr Akbar Ashrafi
  • Dr Tissa Wijeratne
  • Dr Stanley Rajapakse
  • Dr Gayan Padmasekara
  • Dr Richard Brady
  • Dr Nitesh Nerlekar
  • Dr Simon Hew