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Posted on Nov 3, 2013 in News | 0 comments

Volume 2 Issue 3


The Editorial Board at the Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine is proud to present Volume 2, Issue 3, published in November 2013. Mobile technology in Medicine is a rapidly developing area, and we hope to continue accelerating research in the field. We look forward to your submissions for Issue 4.


001 An Update on mHealth Regulation in the United States
B.A.B. Blumenfeld, W.A. Garvin

004 The utility of mHealth in Medical Imaging
C. Perera, R. Chakrabarti

Original Article

007 Use of the WelTel mobile health intervention at a tuberculosis clinic in British Columbia: a pilot study
M.L. van der Kop, J. Memetovic, K. Smillie, J. Coleman, J. Hajek, N. Van Borek, D. Taylor, K. Alasaly, J. Johnston, R.T. Lester, F. Marra

015 Evaluation of an App: stab-it™ Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia Is Terrible
D.A. Goff, K. Hawksworth, J.E. Mangino

021 Resident Impressions of the Clinical Utility and Educational Value of the iPad
M. Skomorowski, K. Jordan, K. Schroeder, J.O. Elliott

Letter To The Editor

027 Overcoming mHealth operational challenges in
Cambodia (Re: JMTM 2013, 2: 20–23)

C. Smith, U. Vannak, L. Sokhey, M. Cockroft

In keeping with our open-access principles, all articles are published both as full text and as PDF files for download. For your convenience, attached to this post is a PDF file containing the complete Volume 2, Issue 3, which can be easily downloaded and saved for viewing offline.

We look forward to hearing from readers in the comments section, and encourage authors to submit research to be considered for publication in this peer-reviewed medical journal.

Yours Sincerely,

Editorial Board
Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine