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The Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine (jMTM) is a new internationally peer reviewed open-access medical journal seeking submissions for publication in its inaugural issue.  In order to encourage prospective authors, the jMTM editors have established a competition with the three highest ranking submissions, as judged by our peer review panel, receiving $500, $200 and $100 respectively as reward and publication in the jMTM. Remaining submissions will also be considered for publication in the journal. For comprehensive author guidelines and full terms and conditions please refer to the jMTM website:

The journal is aimed at becoming the foremost resource for high standard research examining the varied uses of mobile technologies in medicine, allowing for evidence based decision making in clinical practice. Our mission is to promote further development in this field by documenting developments, providing a forum for discussion, and stimulating further research. Accepted articles are published online on the website and are archived on Pubmed Central.  These are then collated into regular issues, which are made available for download.

The format for submissions can be original scientific research, case reports, surveys/questionnaires, or review articles. Content of submissions must relate to the purpose of the journal, namely, application of mobile technology in healthcare.

Suggestions for submission include:

  • Mobile devices, and apps, and their use in acute and chronic disease management
  • Comparison/Equivalence testing of mobile vs standard of practice (eg radiological diagnosis using iPad vs computer)
  • Surveys of current patterns of use of mobile technologies amongst health professionals
  • Well researched application/product reviews
  • Case reports of interesting uses of mobile technologies in the health profession

Competition starts on December 1st, 2011 and will conclude on 31st January, 2012. Winning authors will be notified by email.

We thank you for your interest and wish you the best of luck.

Editorial Board,
The Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine