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Posted on Jan 20, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Be My Eyes app – You can make a difference in a blind person’s life




Be My Eyes is a new app for iOS devices that allows sighted volunteers to help blind people complete everyday tasks.

The app uses live video chat to enable a blind person to ask a sighted volunteer for help with simple tasks such as reading the expiration date of a milk carton, to more complex tasks such as navigating new surroundings. Through the iphone or ipad’s video camera, the sighted volunteer is able to describe what they see to help the blind person solve the problem or complete the task.

The app is an easy and flexible way to make a difference in the everyday lives of blind people. The app sends push notifications to sighted volunteers when a blind person is requesting assistance. If the volunteer is unavailable, another volunteer will be notified.

The app was developed by a Copenhagen based company and is currently free to download on the App Store.

By: Dr Joanne Teong