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Posted on Jan 23, 2014 in News | 4 comments

Time for Uber Healthcare?

What do taxi’s and healthcare have in common? Until just recently, not much at all. This changed earlier in the week when one of the core members, Oscar Salazar, of the personal transport service Uber, announced his intention to tackle the healthcare puzzle.

While details about the venture are currently scarce, investigations by several sources and anonymous tip offs have started to give this rumour some substance. An unnamed source was quoted saying, “It will work like Uber, but with doctors coming to you. I mean, it will start out for the 1%, clearly.” Further details seem to suggest that the startup maybe called “Housecall” and be based in New York. The anonymous source also suggested that as many as 40 doctors are already onboard with the venture.

Given the design of Uber’s excellent app, it is not hard to imagine a network of mobile doctors that could be summoned straight to your door via one tap on an app. Future healthcare is looking more mobile indeed.


by Dr Raffy Halim

  • pitbullstew

    you do realize that Uber drivers are unable to get apropriate insurance for livery operations so, I guess that means Dr’s will be providing coverage for Uber then?

    • Dr C Perera

      I highly doubt a medical organisation would “fly under the radar” and insurance agreements are usually formalised quite early during company development.

  • laughtiger

    We’ve had “uber for healthcare” in the US for a long time now. Better service for the wealthy? “Surge pricing” applied to those with pre-existing conditions? No coverage or access for the poor or those in the wrong neighborhoods?

    We are finally moving past this disastrous model, slowly.

  • Mike

    Services have been doing this for a long time. Doing a simple search for Uber for Healthcare brings up companies like Medicast and Ring-a-Doc.

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