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Posted on Mar 11, 2014 in News | 0 comments

mHealth changes endoscope-i


Endoscopic procedures are getting an mHealth overhaul with a UK based company developing fibre optic endoscope attachments for the iPhone. Endoscope-i (company name) has produced a specific rigid endoscope, light source and adapter that can be coupled with a custom case for iPhone 4/5/5s which acts as the screen for the device. The company isn’t just stopping there: it has released specific iOS apps that can take the image from the phones camera module and optimise the image quality for endoscopy to give optimal performance for the set up.

The rigid endoscopy can be used for ENT as well as veterinary applications in place where mobility is required or access is an issue. To demonstrate the potential of this technology, the company has already sponsored medical teams to conduct clinics in remote Nepal. An interactive map provided by the company shows that the endoscope-i system is already being used in countless far ranging locations from Germany to Argentina.

Several posters and other scientific research is already being conducted on the utility of the device. With more time, this device could become a well validated tool in the modern mHealth arsenal.


Endoscope-i Home page
Interactive map:

by Raffy Halim