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Posted on Feb 10, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Apple to embrace mHealth?

apple mHealth

Though this is purely rumours at present, multiple sources across the internet are reporting that Apple maybe taking a keen interest in the mHealth space with its upcoming devices. Several sources in the tech industry are reporting that the upcoming version of the iPhone and the operating system, iOS 8, will focus heavily on mobile healthcare and fitness. These rumours do not seem far fetched given the surprise addition of the M7 motion coprocessor in the current iPhone 5s, which specifically is geared towards personal tracking.

One of the more interesting aspect of such speculation is the notion that the company is building a wearable device which could be in a watch form-factor. Currently dubbed the “iWatch”, this device is thought to showcase Apple’s aspirations to redefine the mHealth and personal tracking space. If the current job listings are anything to go by, these rumours may have carry some additional weight, since the company recently decided to hire sleep and exercise physiology experts.

Given that the personal tracking industry is currently booming with the release of a myriad of tracking devices such as the FitBit, Zeo & FuelBand, an integrated solution building on the iOS ecosystem makes perfect sense. If Apple can achieve its goals, mHealth will have a global heavyweight company championing its cause.

by Dr Raffy Halim