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Posted on Oct 15, 2013 in News | 0 comments

Sotera clears FDA, Wireless BP measurements on the way

Sotera Wireless recently announced that one of the company’s key products, the continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitor (cNIBP), has cleared the FDA regulatory process. This means that continuous, beat-to-beat, cuff and invasive catheter less blood pressure measurements are one step closer to hitting hospital floors.

This technology is part of the ViSi Mobile patient monitoring system that is being developed by the San Diego based company. Once released, the wrist worn device will allow for the continuous measurement of all core patient vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and even skin temperature. Sotera claims that the accuracy of the devices can match those offered by the systems used in Intensive Care Units, citing studies that show blood pressure accuracy is claimed to be within a range of 5mmHg as compared to invasive arterial line monitoring.

Wireless monitoring technology could prove to be revolutionary in healthcare as it has the potential to dramatically reduce the workload on healthcare staff, where routine measurements of vital signs take considerable time. The wireless nature of the system would also allow computer/mobile based access to the vital signs, alleviating the need to “hunt for the patient charts” during the daily medical ward round.

Dr Bob Murad, Co-founder of Sotera, said ““Hospitals are now safer, gentler places. With continuous monitoring of all vital signs, now including cuffless and continuous blood pressure, hospitals can be confident that deterioration in a patient’s condition will not go unnoticed for hours at a time between periods of observation. No longer will healing patients have to endure sleep interruptions in order to document that all is well.”

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