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Posted on Oct 11, 2013 in News | 0 comments

AirStrip enables a consistent cross-platform mHealth experience

The stratospheric rise of smartphones has also brought with it several dominant platforms all vying for users, each with it’s unique features, but offering essentially the same core functionality. Many apps and services have now standardised their apps or features across multiple platforms, including AirStrip, which became the first mHealth company to support the yet unreleased Microsoft Windows 8.1 OS.

“Mobility is no longer defined as just smartphones and tablets. This release of AirStrip ONE Cardiology for Windows 8.1 supports our vision of developing a consistent and seamless user experience for mobile clinical professionals, regardless of form factor,” said Alan Portela, CEO of AirStrip in a company press release. With much of the existing hospital IT infrastructure firmly entrenched in the Windows platform, this move would allow for better integration and a consistent experience for clinicians. He stated that “enabling clinicians to access vital data from across the care continuum in a single unified format will result in an increase in mobile utilisation, helping to drive transformation toward higher quality, more efficient care that mitigates the increasing pressures on a fast-changing healthcare system.”

Microsoft has welcomed the development and has assured a seamless experience across all form factors of devices that utilise the OS including Microsofts own Surface tablets. One of the early Apple ads fired the imagination of clinicians when it showed an ECG rhythm strip being recorded on an iPad. With this development, the Surface may also become ubiquitous in the mHealth field once AirStrip clears the necessary FDA regulations.

Press Release:

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