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Posted on Aug 10, 2012 in News | 0 comments

SecuraFone Health – A Glimpse to the Future

The days of the trusty watch dog are over. Say hello to the 21st Century boys and girls where all you have to do is switch on your grandad’s iPhone and it’ll watch your grandad for you! Thanks to SecuraTrac and Vital Connect potential medical emergencies can be managed both effectively and in record time giving you,your loved ones and even your doctors some well deserved peace of mind. From epileptics to patients with heart failure the uses of this app are endless, and the technology’s fairly simple. SecuraTrac’s GPS enabled tracking devices are being coupled with Vital Connect’s body sensors to produce SecuraFone Health, an Android and Apple iOS product which will monitor respiratory rates, pulse rates, temperatures and other vitals and immediately alert the health professionals and care givers if any change is recorded.


How is this all possible you may ask? Well, Hermosa Beach, California based SecuraTrac will use its already available driver tracking software and Vital Connect will provide the biosensor, in the form of a water resistant patch worn on the chest or back. A single patch will be effective for 2-3 days at a time and will give caregivers a sense of security in always knowing where their patients, children or parents are and how they’re doing.

And there’s more. SecuraTrac CEO, Chris Holbert states that the app will be available in the form of a monthly service which will be linked to a 24/7 emergency response center with trained health care professionals that can respond to health emergencies as they happen, when they happen. The release date for this mobile personal emergency response system (or mPERS for short) is set for the end of this year but there has still been no official word on the pricing or the type of wireless technology that will be used. SecuraTrac already offers a tranditional active system called LifeTrac mobile protector which requires patients to hit a panic button when they require assistance.