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Posted on Dec 8, 2011 in News | 0 comments

Revolution in dermatoscopy

By Alan Sit.

A recent application and device has been released into the Apple Inc App Store © that could prove to be quite useful by dermatologists. The Handyscope © FotoFinder Inc., is able to capture high resolution dermoscopic photos for easy, quick and convenient check-ups for skin cancers.

The attachment is a case made with an easy-to-use slide-in mechanism so that the iPhone © is secured tightly in an optimal position for the lens of the case to sit exactly in front of the iPhone © camera. To capture pictures, install theHandyscope app from the app store and simply put the lens on the patient’s skin. The Handyscope will provide the right standardized zoom with auto-focus and polarized light. Freeze and save the image with just one tap. Since the camera can capture images from 5x to 20x magnification, the brilliant dermatoscopic photos show important details at a glance, a may give greater resolution than a conventional dermatoscope.

Patient data, localization and comments can be tagged dynamically. The data can then be uploaded to a computer or the FotoFinder hub easy access. All data is kept in the secure, encrypted app storage which can be password protected.

The instrument combines digital dermatoscopy with mobility and communication technology which will open up a new era of teledermatology!

Author affiliations: Alan Sit is a current grade 11 student at Melbourne High School, Victoria, Australia, undertaking work experience at the Centre for Eye Research, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne.