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Posted on Sep 4, 2013 in News | 0 comments

Misfit Personal Activity Tracker

There are currently many personal activity trackers on the market, including the Nike Fuelband, Jawbone Up and our recently covered, Withings Pulse. Another new entrant to this market is the Misfit Shine. Misfit Wearables is a new company, which unlike the other companies, has only one product available – the Shine.

There are also many differences with the Misfit Shine. It was funded on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo in January, and it has an interesting mechanism of attaching on to clothing. One has to attach a band or clasp to the device in order to wear it, though it does come with a sport band and clasp. According to its website, each Shine consists of 1,560 laser drilled holes which help make it waterproof, yet visible. Currently, the Shine can record activities of walking, running, cycling and swimming, though more are expected in the future.

According to Matthew Diamond, the Medical Lead at Misfit Wearables, the Shine was designed to be extremely wearable and elegant”. Part of this included the design and attachments, making wearing the Shine suitable for all types of events, and also using a disposeable battery that one changes only 2-3 times a year rather than recharging every day.

Diamond also suggests that for patients, Shine serves as a reminder to be mindful about being active, and health professionals can utilise the data from Shine to see accurate, quantitative information about how active their patients are, rather than relying on patients’ own observations. However, like all other current personal activity trackers, there is no formal system presently available for health professionals to use.

The Misfit Shine is currently available to order online along with its various attachments, at a price of $119.95.

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