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Volume 7 Issue 2



The Editorial Board at the Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine is proud to present Volume 7, Issue 2. Mobile technology in Medicine is a rapidly developing area, and we hope to continue accelerating research in the field. We look forward to your submissions for Issue 2.

Original Articles

001 Professional Involvement in Ophthalmology iPhone Application Development: An Update
Louis Stevenson

007 Designing a WIC App to Improve Health Behaviors: A Latent Class Analysis
Sylvia H. Crixell, Brittany Reese Markides, Lesli Biediger-Friedman, Amanda Reat, Nicholas Bishop

017 Evaluation of Free Android Healthcare Apps Listed in Database: Technical Analysis, Survey Results and Suggestions for Developers
Dr. Lorenzo Di Matteo, Dr. Carmela Pierri, Sergio Pillon, Eng. Giampiero Gasperini, Eng. Paolo Preite, Dr. Edoardo Limone, Dr. Silvia Rongoni

027 Use of Personal Devices in Healthcare: Guidelines From A Roundtable Discussion
Laura Vearrier, Kyle Rosenberger, Valerie Weber

035 Developing a User-centered Mobile Application for Stroke Caregivers: A Pilot National Survey
Jonathan Singer, Sarah Weingast, Nadege Gilles, Mohammad Faysel, Dimitre G. Stefanov, Shirley Girouard, Alyssa Conigliaro, Marilyn Fraser White, Amy Jensen, Dee Burton, Steven R. Levine

046 Expanding The Use of Telemedicine in Neurology: A Pilot Study
Melissa M. Reider-Demer, Dawn Eliashiv

051 Patients’ Attitudes Towards Text Messages about HIV and Hepatitis C Screening
Julika Kaplan, Haley Marek, Monisha Arya

055 The Role of Text Messages in Patient-Physician Communication about the Influenza Vaccine
Disha Kumar, Vagish Hemmige, Michael A. Kallen, Richard L. Street Jr., Thomas P. Giordano, Monisha Arya

Perspective Piece

060 Recharging Smiles: Strategies for Using Mobile Phones in Dental Public Health
Dr. Aditi Hegde, Dr. Gopikrishna V, Dr. Smitha B Kulkarni, Dr. Nithin N Bhaskar, Dr. Sourabha K Gangadharappa, Dr. Jeswin Jacob

Letter to the Editor

066 Computer Literacy in the Elderly: A Survey Examining Real World Usability of Medical Software
Rasiah S, Whitchurch M


In keeping with our open-access principles, all articles are published both as full text and as PDF files for download. For your convenience, attached to this post is a PDF file containing the complete Volume 7, Issue 2, which can be easily downloaded and saved for viewing offline.

We look forward to hearing from readers in the comments section, and encourage authors to submit research to be considered for publication in this peer-reviewed medical journal.
Yours Sincerely,
Editorial Board
Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine