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Posted on Jun 3, 2014 in Conference | 0 comments

Patient/Client Engagement and Activation Using Smartphone Apps, Text-Messaging, Interactive Voice Response, and Mobile/Web Case Management Platforms

Dallas Swendeman, PhD, MPH1

1Assistant Professor, UCLA Department of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences

Journal MTM 3:1S:5, 2014

DOI: 10.7309/jmtm.3.1S.3


The massive proliferation of mobile phones and internet-based technologies are creating opportunities for unprecedented levels of engagement with patients and clients to support their activation toward health and prevention priorities. This presentation will provide an overview of several technology platforms from teams with development support in Los Angeles, with examples of their applications in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment support. The presentation will focus on responding to the most common questions that service providers and organizations have when considering adoption of technology-based innovations, such as, “What can technologies do realistically?”, “How much will it cost?”, “Is it feasible and acceptable with our clients or patients”; and “How can service organizations and researchers partner to leverage our complementary expertise and goals to fund, design, test, and refine technology support tools.” The presentation will also focus on client/patient feedback on their user experiences rather than statistical evidence of efficacy, which is notably lacking in this field and frequently cited as needing much more research to demonstrate efficacy. Specific technologies and projects presented will include: 1) Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and text-messaging (SMS) for adherence and appointment reminders, and supporting coping and mental health support with people living with HIV (PLH); 2) smartphone application for daily self-monitoring of physical and mental health symptoms, stress, substance use and triggers, sexual behaviors, and adherence, for both self-management and supporting treatment and intervention programs; 3) mobile phone and web applications to support supervisors and frontline field workers for case management, intervention delivery, outcome/evaluation monitoring, and fidelity monitoring and support.