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Posted on Nov 27, 2011 in News | 0 comments

PositiveID Corporation puts the “i” in glucose control

The recent FDA approval of an automated wireless blood glucose measuring system termed, iglucoseTM, by PositiveID corporation will revolutionise the way people with diabetes manage their condition – and all this thanks to the symbiosis of mobile technology and the great minds in medicine.


iGlucose looks like a portable hard drive with a USB port and plug for a compatible glucometer. After plugging in a glucometer, the device relies on wireless cellular technology (via GSM) to relay real time blood glucose readings of a patient to a secure online diabetes management portal. Any person involved in the care of the patient, such as the general practitioner, specialist or care giver, is able to access these readings, create custom reports and view the trends in the blood glucose levels (BGL). A survey conducted by PositiveID at this year’s American Association of Diabetes Educators(AADE) proved promising results with the majority of diabetes educations believing that using iglucose would improve patient outcome and would definitely recommend this device to all diabetes sufferers, young and old.

Iglucose eliminates the onerous task of worrying about BGLs for the patient and empowers them to live a more normal life.