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The Evolution of E-Health – Mobile Technology and mHealth

Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Medicine has always been an information intensive field from the first days of practice, when pearls of wisdom were passed along the generations as word of mouth.  Throughout history, informatics has been an integral part of medicine, facilitating the storage and accession of vast amounts of data.   This has come to the culmination of present day medical practice, which is built on the foundations of Electronic-Health (E-Health).  New information is rapidly disseminated through electronic access to medical journals and other relevant sources of information. Patient data is increasingly stored electronically, and reference information including textbooks are stored electronically in websites.  The E-Health revolution digitized the world, and medicine has benefited immensely.  Whilst having this information available electronically has numerous benefits, the delivery of this information to medical staff has been less than ideal, requiring doctors to be tied down to devices such as immobile desktop computers.  The next stage in digital informatics is to gain rapid access in both storing and creating material in a convenient manner; and smartphones have been an instrumental tool in this evolution. (more…)